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In today's fast-paced world, we understand that building a relationship with a responsive, knowledgeable banker - and equally important, their support team - can make the difference between deals happening or opportunities missed.

With Community Bank & Trust, find confidence knowing that you are working directly with the decision makers and that you have a responsive team that is committed to helping you build, grow and manage your business successfully. We're People you can bank on.®

Meet our knowledgeable professionals:


Bob Seymour, Business Development

Bob Seymour

Business Development Officer

319.433.6122 |

Bob serves as your primary contact and is responsible for your overall business relationship with Community Bank & Trust. He is ready to assist you with your business financial strategy, while delivering a personalized and comprehensive approach.


Sheena Rosol-Koenigsfeld, Commerical Banking Assistant

Sheena Rosol-Koenigsfeld

Commercial Banking Assistant

319.433.6142  |

Sheena works with you regarding daily service needs such as loan balance inquiries, payment processing, loan history and documentation.




Community Bank & Trust offers a suite of treasury management solutions to help your company maximize cash management control, efficiently manage resources and enhance security. Products and services include remote deposit, positive pay, ACH origination, investment products, accounts receivable, merchant processing and business credit cards. To learn more, contact any of our Treasury Management Sales Representatives.


Pauline Herb headshot

Pauline Herb

Vice President, Treasury Management

319.743.7113  |




Amanda Opfer headshot

Amanda Opfer

Treasury Management Officer

319.743.7144  |




Kellie Lindblom headshot

Kellie Lindblom

Assistant Vice President, Merchant Services

319.743.7110  |





Our Treasury Management Support Team is ready to assist you with daily service needs regarding business online banking, balance inquiries, check clearing, remote deposit, accounts receivable processing, positive pay, ACH origination, merchant processing and business credit cards.

Group Phone.  319.743.7002  |  Group Email.


Karon Schladetzky headshot

Karon Schladetzky

Assistant Vice President, Treasury Management





Nicole Langerman headshot

Nicole Langerman

Treasury Management Assistant





Jennifer Sheffner headshot

Jennifer Sheffner

Treasury Management Associate