Treasury Management

It's all about giving you more time. Manage and pay your bills online, safely deposit checks electronically, balance your accounts automatically and utilize our software to help add security to your cash management needs.

Community Bank & Trust is proud to offer the very best in electronic services. Our 24/7 access will be a valuable tool in helping to maximize your cash management control. Our online system is the tool that companies of all sizes rely on to move money and efficiently manage resources.

We provide the most up-to-date electronic services for companies of all sizes to maximize cash management control and to efficiently manage resources, while still offering a personalized approach to banking. Manage and pay your bills online, safely deposit checks electronically, balance your accounts automatically, and utilize our software that helps add security to your cash needs.

The Commercial Loan application has been enhanced to provide additional loan information and functionality to authorized users.  The changes include additional payment options and loan parameter details. Click here for specific information.


Products and Services

Remote Deposit

Community Bank & Trust's Remote Deposit is a valuable, cost saving technology that lets businesses convert checks into digital images, allowing deposits to be transmitted to Community Bank & Trust electronically without having to leave the office.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is one of the most effective check fraud prevention programs available. This service is the process through which your company and Community Bank & Trust work together to detect fraudulent activity by identifying items presented for payment that your company did not issue.

Controlled Disbursement

Take the guesswork out of disbursement clearings and eliminate the uncertainty of when to fund your accounts. Controlled Disbursement accounts help you manage your company's daily cash position by providing you with early morning notifications of check clearings and same-date funding capabilities.

Accounts Receivable

If your business receives payments through the mail, look into Community Bank & Trust's automated Accounts Receivable processing service to provide a cost-effective and efficient means of processing daily receipts.