Accounts Receivable Processing

Retail & Wholesale

If your business receives payments through the mail, look to Community Bank & Trust's automated Accounts Receivable processing service to provide a cost-effective and efficient means of processing daily receipts.

With Community Bank & Trust's Accounts Receivable service, your customers' payments will be delivered to a special Cedar Valley post office box, instead of your business address. Plus, instead of you picking up the payments, our courier service will have a key to your post office box, remove its contents and deliver your customers' payments to Community Bank & Trust. We then open the payments and process them for deposit directly into your bank account. Reports on daily items captured and imaged are also available via electronic transmission.


  • Reduce Costs - Minimize your receivable processing costs and separation of duties.
  • Save Time - Reduce daily clerical activities involved in receiving, preparing and delivering deposits to the bank.
  • Faster Availability - Faster availability of receivables on a daily basis.
  • Increase Security - Increase internal security and control of your receivables with timely, accurate and complete payment information.