Controlled Disbursement

Take the guesswork out of disbursement clearings and eliminate the uncertainty of when to fund your accounts. Controlled Disbursement accounts help you manage your company's daily cash position by providing you with early morning notifications of check clearings and same-day funding capabilities.

Community Bank & Trust utilizes a unique transit routing number (ABA number) to isolate your checks processed through the Federal Reserve Bank. The clearing information is then automatically posted to CB&T's Online Business Banking system, giving your business notification of 100% of the disbursement amount for the day.


  • Powerful - A controlled disbursement account lets you maximize your investment and borrowing opportunities while gaining control over outgoing cash flow.
  • Cost Effective - Because you are notified of check presentments by 10am each business day, you can borrow or invest early in the day; thus making the most of your funds.
  • Efficient - You can more precisely identify your daily cash position and fund the majority of disbursements.