Remote Deposit

Community Bank & Trust's Remote Deposit is a valuable, cost-saving technology that lets businesses convert checks into digital images. This then allows deposits to be conveniently transmitted electronically to Community Bank & Trust, without ever having to leave the office.

Benefits of Remote Deposit:

  • Convenient - Scan checks and makes deposits with Remote Deposit software that is reliable, secure and easy to use.
  • Deposit Anytime - Deposit checks from your office at anytime, before and after traditional banking hours.
  • Save Time - Eliminate trips to the bank and maximize your employees' time at the office.
  • Save Money - Reduce or eliminate travel (fuel and employee wages) or courier expenses.
  • Reduce or Eliminate Adjustments - Improve control and accuracy of your deposit. Deposit must be balanced before it's submitted to Community Bank & Trust for processing.
  • Increase Availability of Funds - Enjoy increased availability of funds due to image presentment and dual sweeps.