I Love My Job

Recognized in 2016 and 2017 as "Employer of Choice" by the Courier Communications.


"We like to have fun and keep laughing and smiling throughout each day. We all pull together and work together to make each day and client experience a great one!"

-Kara Happel, Teller




"The degree of pride and levels of connection and camaraderie employees feel with one another is championed by several long-term employees and is contagious to newcomers such as me.”

-Brian O'Hair, Commercial Lending




"I continue to stay because this bank is such a family-oriented business, even to the customers. Management always gives positive recognition. The opportunities are endless here. CBT rocks!”

-Sue White, Teller





"Involvement in the Cedar Valley communities is encouraged through volunteer projects. Getting involved in the community while at work is great!...CBT truly focuses on the work/personal balance for its employees - it is not just words but is demonstrated in decisions every day. I am proud to say I am part of the CBT community!

-Laurel Thompson, Wealth Management Assistant




"[Managers] provide feedback regularly, whether it is through our monthly team meetings or email. They care about the quality of life issues and here there are many opportunities to learn new skills."

-Rachel Fettkether, Teller




"We work around where employees live. That makes a difference. This is their community; our customers are their neighbors, family and friends. We believe that when you take care of the team and listen, employees rise to the occasion. When employees enjoy their work, they’re empowered to provide excellent customer service.”

-Stacey Bentley, President & CEO




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