Downtown Waterloo Branch Remodel Update:


Community Bank & Trust is making progress with our extensive renovation to our Downtown Waterloo Branch at 422 Commercial Street.

The anticipated completion time for this project will be August 2017.  This extensive modernization will allow us to provide the very best financial experience to our clients. Despite the encumbrances caused in the following months, we do hope you are as excited as we are to undergo more than just a light upgrade. We are sure you will appreciate the improvements once we have completed our transformation that will bring a professional, fresh new look for our clients and an enhanced customer service experience.  During the renovation period, we apologize for any inconvenience and offer our sincere thanks for your patience and support.  Keep checking back to our website for more information. Updates will also be posted on our Facebook page.

To mirror our progress, CBT is also going through an exciting REBRANDING! Click here to learn more about our new logo.

****IMPORTANT UPDATE**** 5/8/2017

Our new entrance is open and ready for use! Please enter in through the new entrance located in our parking lot. The night drop off is also located at this entrance. We thank you for your patience during this extensive renovation.

Star showing that the new entrance is located in CBT parking lot


Exterior of building before construction


New entrance to CBT after remodel


Renovation Pictures:


Exterior 1:

Sketch of the new exterior of CBT after renovations

Exterior 2:

Sketch of the new exterior front of CBT after renovations

Interior 3:

Sketch of the new interior of CBT after renovations



Will I still be able to do my consumer banking at the Downtown Branch?

Yes. We will have a teller line still available for persons wanting to do their deposits and normal banking services at our Downtown Waterloo Branch.


Will the drive-thru be open?

Yes. We anticipate the drive-up to be fully functional during the remodel, but in the event it is not, we will let customers know as soon as possible.


Will I be able to open an account at this location?

Yes. We will have an Account Executive available to open accounts at this location.


Where will the commercial lenders be located?

As always, our commercial lenders will be available wherever the client prefers to meet if an appointment is set up in advance.   It is possible that employees may be relocated to one of our other offices temporarily.

**UPDATE** All commercial lenders are located at our Downtown Waterloo Branch.


Where will the Wealth Management & Trust team be located?

Just like our lenders, our Wealth Management & Trust Department will be available wherever the client prefers to meet if an appointment is set up in advance. Currently, our Wealth Management & Trust department has been relocated to our Cedar Falls branch.


Where will Stacey Bentley, President & CEO, be located?

Stacey will be available wherever the client prefers to meet if an appointment is set up in advance. She is currently still at the Downtown Waterloo Branch.


Will phone lines still be available?

Yes. You still may call us at 319.291.2000 at our Downtown Branch. You may also call our other branches listed here.


Additional Questions? Please feel free to contact us at 319.291.2000. We will continue to keep clients informed of any changes.

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